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Real Estate Agent

Greetings! I’m Veronica Jones, a native of Arkansas, a mother of two and a grandmother of two. I’ve been in real estate since 2018 and I love what I do. In this field, I not only have an opportunity to help others, I am also able to build and leave a legacy for my family.

Home buying can be stressful; however, as your realtor, I will be with you the entire way utilizing all available resources to obtain the best deal and bang for your buck. I am committed to fulfilling your needs by ensuring that once the process of home buying is over, you are left with joy in your heart and a smile on your face.

Because of my commitment and dedication, you will feel at ease with your decision of choosing me as your realtor with Plush Homes where we are ready to service all of your Real Estate needs.


I'd love to hear from you

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