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Real Estate Agent

Vanessa Morris is new to the Real Estate world but eager to hit the ground running, helping individuals and families reach their goals of becoming homeowners. She was born and raised in Dallas, TX but now resides in Little Rock, AR with her fiancé and little Pomeranian, Bear.

In her free time, you can almost always find her in the gym working out or training others. She has a passion for fitness and making people feel good about themselves. Her ability to help others reach their own personal fitness goals is a part of what helped motivate her to take a leap of faith in Real Estate.

After being furloughed in July of 2020, Vanessa wanted to seek a career path that would allow her financial freedom, a flexible schedule, and be personally fulfilling for her from day to day.

Vanessa knew Real Estate would be the perfect fit to accomplish all of these things and began her journey to obtain her license. Her motto is “When one door is shut, a bigger better door is waiting to be opened”. That bigger and better door is real estate where the possibilities for growth are endless. Her outgoing personality, ability/willingness to actively listen to the needs or wants of potential clients, and drive to help others is sure to take her to new heights!

Let Vanessa Morris help you with all your Real Estate needs!


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