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Preston was born & raised in the south end of Little Rock, Arkansas and graduated from Hall High School. Since then, he has worked as a professional barber for the last 9 years and is now a shop owner. In return he has found that building relationships with people of all races, genders and ages provides him with a sense of fulfillment. Mr. Howard is active in the community and a mentor to the up-and-coming young generation. At an early age, he began working on small home projects with his father Mr. Harry Howard which included building decks, painting the interior and exterior of homes, as well as several other home renovation projects. This is when his passion for real estate started.

“Seeing a house go from being undesirable to becoming someone’s home has always caught my eye and my dream is to get into real estate investing as well as renovating and flipping homes for families to fall in love with”. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, staying active, bowling, fishing, cooking, playing the guitar and putting smiles on people’s face.


Preston Howard looks forward to assisting in your new journey as he aims to provide exceptional service when it comes to helping you find the home that fit all the needs for not just you but your family and generations to come.


I'd love to hear from you


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