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Immanuel Israel was born in New Orleans, LA. He is 24 years old, a husband & father of 2 year old son. He is a devout member of his church and currently resides in North Little Rock, AR. After attempting to pursue a degree in Accounting, Immanuel decided his heart wasn’t connected. Instead, he pursued his passion for ministry which led to a leadership role. In addition, he continued to work in laborious positions while working to configure a career plan that met his passion.

As far back as Immanuel can remember, he’s had a fascination with homes & how they could improve with creativity. He remembers watching shows of houses being flipped and dreamed of being able to do likewise someday. After taking the step to becoming an entrepreneur at the beginning of 2020, He vowed to pursue and obtain real estate license. In July 2020, he attended Vivid Real Estate school and fulfilled the vow he made to himself.

Now He’s ready to focus on making his imprint in the Real Estate world. Immanuel is young, determined, intelligent, and faithful. His mindset is that success is the only option. Immanuel’s dream is to not only leave a legacy to inspire his son, but to help others establish & build their legacy as well. This the perfect career path to do so. Immanuel takes pride in being an example, especially to young men of the “minority”. He believes that no one has the power to stop you from achieving your goals – as long as you stay faithful & dedicated! He will exert this attitude and character towards Real Estate.

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