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From the country to the city, Ashley was born and raised by her mom in Hope, Arkansas and spent her summers in California with her dad. She is the eldest of four siblings and a wonderful mom to her two blessings, SaNiyah and Kamron.


Growing up in two completely different environments, the one thing that never changed was the love her parents had for her and the strong work ethic her parents had instilled in her. Watching how hard her parents worked, encouraged Ashley to excel in life and be the strong, independent woman she is today.


Working in the customer service industry for over 16 years, Ashley has learned how to work with many different personalities and has always stayed humble.


Ashley has gained a “people first” attitude.


Being introduced to the real estate world by her dad, who is a real estate broker, Ashley soon realized that becoming a REALTOR is her calling. With all of the hardships life has thrown her way, Ashley was determined to get her license and she never gave up!!


Knowing the key factors in life, Ashley’s ability to communicate, listen, & understand the needs of others will allow her to connect with each & every one of her clients on a personal level. Ashley is passionate about helping others and will go above & beyond to assure that every home buying experience is stress free, unique, and tailored specifically to the client wishes.


Ashley will also continue her journey to pursuing her MBA.


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