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Since growing up from a young girl, Brittani could remember witnessing how ownership can bring a big impact in people’s lives tremendously. Her grandparents were not only great pastor’s of God Care We Care House of Prayer but were also a great asset to the community in providing homes for those who are in need. Her grandparents owned over eight to nine real estate properties, both residential and commercial, giving people around them love, hope, security, and FAITH.


Brittani knew from then on, that real estate is a very important factor in life and she desired to bring that same dedication to people as her grandparents did.


Even though Brittani has been employed as a health care worker for the last eleven years, real estate has always been a desire for her future. She would attend first home buyer’s seminars, attend open houses, read books and watch the latest real estate shows that would help push her dream to becoming a realtor. Until one year ago, Brittani and her husband decided that after having seven beautiful children, and being married for seven years, it’s time for ownership. After experiencing the process of being buyers, becoming homeowners was just the motivation Brittani needed to pursue real estate.


Brittani’s focus for all her clients is to make sure they are satisfied at all times by providing all the accurate information they need to know. Educating beneficial information on being first-time home buyers and establishing better credit. She also wants to continue her career in becoming an Executive Broker and receive her Master’s in Business.

When all work is away and it’s time to play, Brittani enjoys family trips with her family of nine, and having movie nights while eating fried oreos with her family.




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